The very necessary element on earth is water for all living organisms. Everyone needs water to remain alive whether it is human beings, plants, or animals it doesn’t matter. Each and every individual needs water and as we all know we can’t survive without water. There are many health issues related to the less consumption of water.  So everyone should always keep a water bottle with them to take extra precautions as less consumption of water leads to many health problems or also causes disease. I personally recommend using steel water bottle rather than using plastic ones as storing water in plastic bottles for a long time could be harmful to your health.

Water also helps in blood circulation as the blood in our body should be thin, it should not be thick, and by consuming more water our blood becomes thin. We should drink 2-3 liters of water daily to remain healthy and it also makes our skin glow. In this way, there are many advantages of consuming water.

We can’t even think of life without water, we need to be hydrated to remain fresh and energetic for the whole day. Life is not possible without water. No one can exist without it. We should try to save water and do not waste it.

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