The chance of being tall has been attributed mostly to genetic makeup. In fact, having taller family members can give you an advantage over others!

It’s no surprise that you cannot modify the genetic structure for your height. However, certain steps can help maximize growth potential during adolescence and into adulthood!

As an adult, following the right diet and exercise can make you appear taller. It may also help regain any height lost due to bad posture!

Our height also depends on our diet which should include green leafy vegetables, fruits, fish, milk, cheese, chicken, almond, yogurt, eggs, beans, etc. If our diet is proper then the chances of an increase in height also increases.  One should take proper nutrition to take their full height.

Doing proper exercise and yoga also leads to an increase in height. Stretching, hanging, skipping, single-leg hoping, jogging, swimming, toe lift, jumping, cycling are some of the good factors to increase height fast.

Proper sleep is also necessary for good height, one should take 8-9 hours of sleep daily for both good health and height. Our posture also plays a major role in our height, we should sit straight as our wrong posture can stop our height.

By following the above steps one can definitely increase its height in few days.

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