Brand marketing teams have a lot on their plate: likes, followers, retweets and more! Yet though times may be tough with the pandemic’s ongoing effects, we should all take time to count our blessings – in addition to keeping track of those digital interactions.

For over a decade, Google has revolutionized how we live and access information. However, ‘cracking the code’ of high search engine rankings still remains an elusive goal for many – evidence of this is seen in the staggering 2.75 million blog posts published daily on WordPress alone! To be successful at SEO requires not only constant dedication but also astute understanding of Google’s ever-evolving algorithms.

Crack the code for success this new year and stay ahead of the competition with our 15 top-recommended Google ranking strategies! From tried-and-tested techniques to fresh ideas, make sure you’re taking advantage of all that’s out there. Get a head start on your competitors in 2021 – follow these best practices now.

Brand credibility is often overlooked, but it can be just as powerful in driving customers to your business. Crafting a reputation of trustworthiness tells potential buyers that you are reliable and worth their time – an invaluable asset when trying to turn leads into successful sales. Investing effort towards building up your brand’s reputability will ultimately result in rewards from loyal customers who believe in the strength of your product or service!

It’s true that content is the lifeblood of SEO but without technical SEO, it’d be like running a marathon with no shoes. Technical SEO ensures your website runs as smoothly as possible and allows search engines to easily find all its pages so you don’t miss out on potential views or customers!

Google is dedicated to keeping your information safe when browsing the web; they prioritize websites with HTTPS, an important protocol which encrypts data travelling between a website and its users. This ensures that all of your personal details remain secure while you explore!

In 2023, ensure your website is properly secure and showered with love from the search engines by obtaining an SSL certificate. Not only will this help protect your users’ safety, it may even earn you some extra points from Google!

Achieving a high-ranking website on Google doesn’t have to be difficult. However, making sure your pages load quickly is essential – not just for reducing bounce rate but also as part of the algorithm itself! If you’re lacking in technical expertise then reaching out to an SEO or web design agency might be the best way forward, giving you peace of mind that this all important step has been taken care of correctly.

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