What is Google Broad Core Algorithm Update?

Updating algorithms is not that uncommon since it is done by large search giants almost three or four times daily to optimize their search results a bit. But when the talk is about a Google Broad Core Algorithm Update then things are a bit different. A full Core Algorithm Update is something that happens many times a year and has a lot of impact on almost every web page.

There are many objectives of a google broad core algorithm update like providing better search results and hence enhancing the user experience. A full core update implements changes to the main algorithm of the search engine itself. Changes may relate to fixing the fake news criteria as recently there has been a lot of debate around this topic. Changes in the core update may also focus on some recent factors affecting the search intent of users. The updates reflect what the updater is thinking and what does it want from website developers. It reflects the trend that is to come or continue shortly as well.

How does Google Broad Core Algorithm affect the ranking of websites?

Google has many signals and factors to determine the rankings of sites on the internet. These signals and elements are changed a bit to rectify the errors of previous core updates. To be on top of the rankings, a website needs to have good content that suits the users. The better you serve the users more are the chances of having a higher rank. Suppose there are approx 250 factors that are to be taken care of while working towards a better rank.

Now when there is a core algorithm update, some of these factors may have been shuffled in the order of importance, some tweaks may have been done to make Google a better place. Google itself acknowledges the fact that pages that were earlier under-performing, due to some critical factors being given less importance, would be rewarded and may see again in rankings. This automatically reduces the rank of the pages earlier having a higher level. The only fix for a reduction in rankings is to produce better content over time.

 The motive of  Google Broad Core Algorithm Update

A full core algorithm update wants the web page owners to focus more on solving the problems of users rather than concentrating on keywords that would help them have a broader reach.

One thing that has to be made clear is that a full core update doesn’t make industry-specific changes but changes across a variety of factors.

A full core algorithm update means that Google has changed the way it looked at your website. The focus of Google these days is to watch out for the intent of its users and how can the answers to the queries via searches be made more specific. It is in contrast to the views of some SEO players who think that Google wants to shoot the “low content” pages.

If a user is searching for “food shops near me” then his intent is navigational, and your keywords would only help if you can help the user in getting his motive fulfilled.


Broad core algorithm updates are special because they strike at the very base of searches made and if you’re efficiently delivering your users and if they are satisfied with the services then you shouldn’t worry about your website’s ranking and the factual listings about what the updates carry. If you are serving your customers, then you must help them well.

You need to think of yourself as a searcher and then make your website and keywords accordingly. If this is done in a better way, then you are sure to be on top and are ably fulfilling what the broad core update wants.