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The first broad core update of the year is here! Google Search began rolling out on May 25th at about 11:30am ET and will continue for next couple weeks. So far, many signs point towards strong volatility with this new release as well.

Google is always working to make their search results as relevant and helpful for you, which they do with regular core updates. These changes are designed so that the overall relevancy of our SERPs increases while also making them more interesting than ever before!

This new update is already starting to make a big impact on our users! The early data shows that less than 24 hours after it started rolling out, people were posting about how much easier things are now with this latest version. Keep in mind there will still be more changes ahead so stay tuned for updates as they come along – but until then here’s what some others have reported:
A reduction in lag time while gaming (especially first-person shooters); improved battery life.

The recent Google Core Update has been a topic of discussion among SEO’s and webmasters for quite some time now. After all, it was only announced less than 12 hours ago! As you may know from our coverage over at xyz news site, John Mueller said that they “always work” to improve search results quality- which could mean anything really… But I’m glad we finally have an answer about this new broad core update from google so everyone can stop guessing what might happen next year when another one comes around again
I hope these tips are helpful as always.

We saw a lot of activity from Google over the past week which seemed very much like an update. We don’t know if this is just testing or something more serious, but it’s worth noting that these updates usually happen in batches and sometimes they’re unrelated!

John Mueller of Google said that when they announce core updates, the roll-out begins at that point and not beforehand. He deleted his tweet shortly after this statement was made but I’m not sure why he did so because it seems like such an important piece for people who want to know what’s coming down their pipeline!

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