10 Digital Marketing Trends that will dominate in 2021

Grab attention and getting the sale done is what has been a simple rule in digital marketing. But what has not been simple is how to grab that attention. The evolution of digital marketing trends has been a boon for every business, and with every passing year, it is getting stronger and stronger. So here are 10 Digital Marketing Trends that will dominate in 2019.

2020 gone, 2021 on, and here are the 10 Digital Marketing Trends that will dominate or continue to dominate this year:

1. Artificial Intelligence(AI):

would remain Intelligent: AI has been a landmark revelation in the technological arena. Analyzing big data has been at the epicenter of issues faced by businesses, AI has come in as a solution, and no wonder it is going to be the top priority of businesspersons to provide their customers with customized and tailor-made experiences. 2019 will see more of it with some huge surprises on its radar.

2. Video Marketing and Visualized Searches

Almost 3 out of 4 people Americans are engaged with Youtube and the rest of the people are not behind either. More than 225 million Indians are monthly users of Youtube. It is a long-term association people have with videos. Another interesting inclusion in the tech basket is that of visualized searches where users can search for results with pictures. Google Lens is a perfect example, and even Pinterest has come up with its own ‘Lens’ for visualized searches.

3. No Second Thoughts About Chatbots: 

This has to be one of the most amazing things to have happened for marketers. Users love their virtual assistants with the prompt and accurate redressal they get from them. 24-hour availability and a patience level that never saturates, Chatbots have given a humongous boost to consumer-oriented low-cost services.

4. The Noise Of the Voice/Smart Speakers: 

Siri, Alexa, are no more just names, now they have the potential of becoming a brand. Typing is now getting outdated, and consumers are loving the new Voice Search feature which is being adopted by almost every brand.

5. Virtual and Augmented Reality: 

A whole new world of reality is in store for a long, but its pace has now picked up. Volkswagen, Nivea, IKEA, are just some of the many brands using and capitalizing on these two giant technologies. VR and AR have taken time to take off, but that doesn’t mean they have no potential. Instead, their usage has just started finding the mass audience, and 2019 could be their year.

6. There’s No Stopping Social Media and Messaging Apps: 

Here, statistics are the kingmakers. 1.3 billion users are active on WhatsApp monthly, 2 billion messages are being exchanged on Facebook between businesses and people each month, Instagram’s 200 million-plus users visit a business profile regularly, and many more such stats make this segment a giant for 2019.

7. The New E-mail: 

E-mail is getting more and more personalized these days, and it is the right time to capitalize on them. People are still using email for all formal purposes. Your prompt response when a visitor to your website wants to get more information can get you closer to your potential customers. Email still feels like home to many people as they want all their important engagements to be in one place. Gmail now offers separate tabs for promotional and social messages, and it wants to customize even further which is a good sign.

8. Micro-Moments- a Toddler Proliferating: 

It’s all but a few seconds you have to take advantage of the consumer’s precious 4.7 hours that he regularly spends on the internet. Precisely this is what Micro-Moments help you do by analyzing the consumer behavior in the right way and delivering your message in a more explicit form to the consumers. It is a sure-shot winner for 2019.

9. Local Influencer is The New Vocal Influencer: 

It is like spreading the word through the internet. With its broad reach and the potential to take the brand’s message to the right audience, local influencing is likely to stay a prominent marketing tool in 2019 also. Customers have started to believe more in user feedbacks than in high promises by a company.

10. Content is the King:

Try any new strategy, if your content isn’t good you cannot sustain yourself in the market. When innovation meets the right marketing tools, the result is a sure-shot blockbuster. To make 2019 a year to remember, learn, and don’t run from the mistakes you made in 2018. Whichever trend of marketing you choose, make sure you give it your best.